Richmond Hill Focus

Infrastructure Improvements

Will work to improve current and future infrastructure. Our community will see continued growth over the next decade and it is necessary to work with city, county, and state officials to ensure our infrastructure meets the needs of this growth. Roads, intersections, and traffic congestion has to been addressed. 144/Ford Avenue improvements are paramount and I will ensure that projects continue and are completed on time. Our citizens deserve nothing less.

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SMART Growth

I will work with the Mayor, council members, county, and state officials to ensure SMART growth. Our city is destined for growth, however we need to continue to do so in a responsible manner, ensuring that all citizens live in a beautiful and family friendly environment. We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with natural amenities, waterways, and landscapes. An overabundance of housing developments, without a balance of quality of life amenities is not in the best interest of our citizens.

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Safe Communities and Premier School Systems

We must maintain our safe community and premier school system through smart investments for the future. We must balance our growth with ensuring our community remains one of the safest in the region and maintain our highly regarded schools.

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Improve Military Relationships

The future growth of our community includes an increasing influx of military service members, their families, retirees, veterans, DoD Civilians, and contractors. Improved communication and relationships between our city and military installations in Hinesville and Savannah needs to occur. Approximately 20% of our citizens are affiliated with the military and relationships with military leaders is crucial as our city continues experience growth.